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Welcome   to   Cosmic   World   Part   I

I must have died and gone to heaven Cos it was a quarter past eleven On a Saturday in 1999. Right across from where I'm standing on the dance floor she was landing. She's just a Cosmic Girl from another Galaxy. My heart's at zero gravity. She's from a Cosmic World. Putting me in Ecstasy. Transmitting on my Frequency. She's Cosmic!

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Cosmic Greetz to:

My best friends Isabel (Vienna) and Tanja (IBK), Simone my fave sis, Fino min Liebling vom Bärg, Simon Roberts (forever -> you know!) Marc mein Sonnenschein, mein Lieblingsref Torsten, Allan from Nuuk/Greenland and Brian from Torshavn/Faroe Islands, Mik from Micronesia, Alex Kellner (du Motztasche), Elfrida Gudjonsdottir my fave mum, Amy (Newcastle/NSW, Jan (määäähh) from Munich, Silvia "schoene Frau" deGraaf, Chicki, Jaime (Piggy and Bushbabe) and Ruth from Kitchener/ON, Ben (you will always be my fave W...y), Charly (Melb)and not to forget Vanessa, the Crew from Vara's Beachhouse on Rarotonga/Cook Islands and the Plantation Village Posse on Oahu/Hawaii, Angelo (daer mim eck im hor!)Simone and Claudia from Zurich and the Tasman Orcas (especially Buff and Tangia); the Hvidbjerg Strand Posse and Miss Holland as well as the SüdseeCamp Queen Jane from lovely Malvern! Cabron Ken from LA y la Posse de la escuela Malaga Plus en Andalcuia/Espana mi amiga Jennie de Suecia (Marzo 2000) but definitely not BRIT from Nijmegen (one of the most crap Site Managers i have ever met), the Shanty-Town Posse 2000 of Canadel/St. Tropez, Karen from Blackpool and the Piglets Luce and Stu as well as Lou from Birmingham. Tambien los chicas y chicos de la Plus Residencia del SOL en Las Palmas/Gran Canaria en Julio/Agosto 2000 --> y tambien el Diablo y el Nino de Argentina! furthermore Cris de Puerto Natales/Chile, Petter og Marcus fra Sverige, the petit prince from AA Res in Dub, Johan the Conqueror from Sweden, Andrea on Maui (thanks for having me!) ...................