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Snowboarding will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no snowboarding! Cosmic Girl alias Hanna (thats esp for u Ben)

Greetz to my mates .....

Isabel and Tanja my best mates from Innsbruck and Vienna, da Blumentopf for the cool Music, PohPih rules und natürlich meinen Sonnenschein Marc aus Stuttgart (zufrieden?) my special mate Trevor from Ontario (May 99 right?) Darren and Simon (4eva) from Auckland, all the MIRC Chatters, Luzi from Canberra, Simone my sis, Vanessa, special greetz to my NC-Man Chicki from Melbourne, all the Walkabouts and the Church in London for the gr8 times and Ben from Nottingham (well i promised u didnt i? the rest W.... follows one day!) If I have forgotten someone dont worry - then you arent that important eg Liam!